Swimming with Elephants in Bangkok, Thailand

My Summer vacation was completely different! I see why so many people goes to different countries for vacation.

When i visited high developed country  in Asia Hong Kong, I felt so poor by looking at all the luxury stores and expensive real estates. And People dress so well , also educated..

Then after HK for 4days, I appreciate more with nature after I visited Bangkok, Pattaya Thailand. Thailand is not rich country.. I googled ‘what’s average income in thailand’ after I saw how most people live in Thailand.. dirty street and so many people just live with tourist business.

Local food is extremely cheap and Hotel is not bad price at all. I see so many europeans, American enjoying their vacation in Thailand with small budget.

Anyway,, Im not going to write whole story about my shorts Asia trip.

here’s some of pictures I took when i was in Thailand.

Local Fruit Market in Thailand


This is Local Fruit Market in Thailand.. Honestly I don’t even know where i was,, I hired personal tour people to drive me around and show stuff. So before I head to do ‘Swimming with Elephants’ , I stopped at the local fruit market and bought bananas for elephants and few fresh fruits for me and my sister..

Bananas for Elephants, not for human

Here’s Bananas for Elephants.

Super Fresh fruits

This is Me and my sister bought from fruit market.. It was super cheap.. I think we paid less than $15 for all.

thailand-swimwithelephant-04Yay!! We arrived in Elephant Zoo and ready t0 play with elephants.thailand-swimwithelephant-05jpg

My first time elephant riding on the water
My sister best pic with elephant
OMG.. Sorry that you have to carry chubby asian girl with your nose…


Thank you guys


Happy Day for us! I love Thailand!!!



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