My first day in HongKong..

Wow.. It was really horrible first day of my vacation….. the weather was really bad and my flight got delayed over 5hours… So I was be able to check in my hotel at 8?9pm I think..

I stayed at grand harbour kowloon hotel in hong kong based on reviews from some of Korean site.. I liked the views but I really didn’t like quality of room service food..and room is out of date if you like new stuff.

Anyway this is my first day with bottle of wine and room service with my younger sister.. She never take picture without makeup.. so just my pic here!!!

I didn’t take a lot of pictures because I was so busy shopping in HK..

And Just remember!! HK weather is kinda bad in summer time! if you planning to visit HK! Make sure check the weather!!

I spend 4days in HK and I saw the Sun only a day!! lol


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